Welping 1600mm hydraulic butt fusion welding machine

Welping 1600mm hydraulic butt fusion welding machine


Customized 1200mm to 1600mm hydraulic driving and locking butt welding machine, produced by Welping

To help our customer to better joint 1600mm type HDPE pipes, Welping recently finished production of the customized 1200mm-1600mm hydraulic actuation and locking HDPE pipe butt fusion machine, model WP1600A. It can greatly increase HDPE pipe jointing efficiency, with it's unique design.

The machine features:

1. Individual driving hydraulic cylinder for easy installation and maintenance in butt fusion operation. 

2. Design of 4-pcs type linked reducers for quick size adjustment

3. Built-in electrical and dydraulic control panel, boosting butt welding operation efficiency

4. Compact, yet heavy-duty steel carriage