C10 Drain Cable Cutter Kit for 22mm (7/8") Sectional Drain Cable
C10 Drain Cable Cutter Kit for 22mm (7/8
C10 Drain Cable Cutter Kit for 22mm (7/8
C10 Drain Cable Cutter Kit for 22mm (7/8
7/8" Cutter Set

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Welping Sectional Drain Cleaner
For all the different ways drains and sewer pipes can get clogged, there is a cutter head to clear it. We are pleased to offer a great selection of drain cleaning cutter heads. 

Whether you have a stoppage that is made of loose items, roots, or other debris, there is a cutter for every situation. Made of durable hardened steel, the various cutter heads are designed for simple to difficult stoppages, and are a great solution for some of the more difficult clogs you might come across. 

All cutter heads on this page are interchangeable with small, medium, and large drain rooter models. 

Made from a high quality alloy steel these cutter heads are easy to install.
8PCS Drain Auger Fits K-50 drain cleaning machine
1 x Grease "C" Cutter
1 x Straight Retrieving Auger
1 x Spiral Sawtooth Cutter
1 x Straight Auger 
1 x Bulb Auger 
1 x Duel Bulb Auger 
1 x Spade Cutter 
1 x Four Blade Sawtooth Cutter
22mm Cutter Set with keys(7/8",4 Sets) 
1 x Grease Cutter
1 x Four-Blade Cutter
1 x Straight Auger 
1 x Funnel Auger 

30mm Cutter Set with keys(1 1/6",6 Sets) 
1 x Grease Cutter
1 x Retrieving Auger
1 x Straight Auger 
1 x Funnel Auger 
1 x C Cutter
1 x Saw Tooth Cutter
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Warranty Certificate of Drain Cleaning Machine
Welping Factory for Butt Fusion Machine
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